Chapter 10 is the second episode of season 2, and the tenth overall episode of Legion. [1]


David meets his oldest enemy.


Acting on future Syd's advice, David agrees to work with Amahl Farouk. David causes a distraction by leading a large number of the others to the desert while Farouk heads to Division 3 in Oliver Bird's body. Farouk believes that Division 3 is the location of the last monk of the Migo Order who hid his original body away after he was defeated on the Astral Plane by David's father. Farouk does not find the monk, and kills several Division 3 soldiers. He also traps Cary Loudermilk in Kerry Loudermilk's body, reversing their usual roles.

Suspicion mounts among Division 3 that David is working with Farouk. On David's part, he regrets helping Farouk because of the deaths. He recruits the Loudermilks to help him enhance his powers in an effort to contact the future Syd.

Reaching her, future Syd tells David that he will kill Farouk before the week is out. However, a plague will kill all of humankind. Farouk would have been able to help them stop it and his death will doom the humans on the planet.

In the present, David confronts Farouk who agrees to stop killing people in exchange for David's cooperation. David reveals everything to Syd, and she agrees that they should help her future self and do what she says.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main CastEdit


  • Jelly Howie as Vermillon #1
  • Brittney Parker Rose as Vermillion #2
  • Lexa Gluck as Vermillion #3
  • Jon Hamm as The Narrator
  • Marc Oka as Admiral Fukyama
  • Nathan Hurd as The Monk
  • Makabe Ganey as Boy
  • Kurt Lyle as Teenager
  • Violet Hicks as Young Syd


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